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A list of recommendations.

A list of recommendations by xSerpentine.


TNT Wars:

  • Make a distinction between casual and competitive TNT Wars. In competitive TNT Wars, there should be the option to request, or join, 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, etc. In competitive TNT Wars, /team should be disabled. In competitive TNT Wars, ranked players should gain no advantage over non-ranked players, including having the same armour and health. Statistics should differ between casual and competitive TNT Wars. If statistics are ever desgined to be displayed on the perkelle website, statistics displayed from the perkelle website should be from competitive TNT Wars, not casual TNT Wars.


Missile Wars:

  • Same thing as TNT Wars; add a competitive mode and its features.
  • Add more missiles (I don't really play Missile Wars, so these are the only suggestions I could think of).



  • Add the GriefPrevention plugin. When adding the GriefPrevention plugin, you are free to make ranked members receive more, or have more, claim blocks. However, I strongly reccomend against the latter. In my opinion, whilst ranked members should be allowed to receive more claim blocks over time, I believe all members should have an equal limit of claim blocks, if any limit at all. Furthermore, it would be wise to not allow players to claim specific places, such as spawn (For obvious reasons!).
  • Give players the ability to create sign shops (I'm not sure if this is a feature or not, but if not, it would be nice if it was).


  • Notice: The GriefPrevention plugin comes with anti-SPAM. It also comes with wilderness protection, that disables creeper explosions etc, however this can turned off within the config (which I would reccomend).



  • I've never participated in an event, so I have no idea.



  • Add the ability to see which players are muted via the TAB widget.
  • Add a /lastseen command (or similar) to see when a player was last online (also include whether they are banned or not).


Notice: May be updated at any time.