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Hi Guys! My Name Is Reece And Im A 14 Year Old Boy Living In England


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over 2 years ago
Automatic TNT Cannon Design

Hey Guys, Im Going To Share My OP TNT Cannon With You So You Can use It For Your Self!

Step 1: Place 3 Dispensers In A Row
Step 2: Place Two Ontop Yet Infront Of Them
Step 3: Place Two Blocks At the Side
Step 4: Put Slabs Infront And Then Put Two Water Buckets Inside The 3 Gap Hole
Step 5: Make A Redstone Clock At The Back Of Your Cannon 5 Blocks Away From It
Step 6: Place All The TNT Inside The Dispensers
Step 7: Hook The Redstone At The Back Of Your Cannon And We Are Ready To Go!

If You Didnt Quite Understand What I Mean Watch This Youtube Video i Have Found On How To Do It! - DaSavageCat