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By Admin » about 1 year ago
  • Do not use racial slurs or other┬áderogatory terms
  • Swearing in moderation is okay, please refrain from offending our younger players
  • Do not advertise other communities such as other Minecraft or Discord servers
  • Do not spam
  • Do not troll or flame other players, be respectful
  • Keep toxicity to a minimum
  • If you discover an exploit, disclose it to us privately, do not abuse it or share it publicly
  • Do not use any clients that could give you an advantage, for example cheat or hacked clients
TNT Wars
  • Do not grief other players, even as a joke
  • Do not block in the spawn points or, other players
  • Do not build water walls, since they only slow the game down
  • Do not AFK to increase your crystal count
  • Do not used cheat / hack clients, which extends to X-Ray texture packs and other similar modifications
  • Do not grief other players. Griefing can be reported with /report.