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about 1 year ago

For our event this week, we held a 4v3v3v3 Minecraft speedrun challenge. In just under 2h45m, the green team (consisting of chairpop, teslatnt, DuckSamich and TheEnderGamer4Ks) beat the enderdragon - Congratulations!

Some notable moments include:

  • Aqua team's nether portal linking to pink's: 3 pink players came out of the portal and jumped the aqua players
  • Me trying to pull a Dream but only sending 2 out of the 9 TNT through the portal successfully, losing us (pink) the game. Sorry about that lads 😕
  • Pink going through the portal and getting confused about who was who (did manage to lava one of the greens t...
Announcement New TNT Wars Map: Archway
about 1 year ago

Today we present a new TNT Wars map, Archway, created by NinjaOnion, Brentondi_YT and TheEnderGamer4Ks:

Announcement Free auto-fill weekend + Vote rewards
about 1 year ago
Free Auto-Fill Weekend
We're trialling our first free auto-fill weekend. This weekend (Friday - Sunday), all players will have unlimited TNT auto fill, whether you're a donator or regular player.
We're interested to see how this affects the player count, and may consider making this a monthly / bi-weekly event if it goes well.

Vote Rewards
Vote rewards: We're bringing back top voter rewards. The top 3 voters of each month will be rewarded with the following:
       1) 1 month phantom rank + 5000 crystals
       2) 1 month vampire r...
Announcement SMP
about 1 year ago
Hello everyone! It's been a while since we made an announcement.

Today we're launching our new SMP gamemode. It's a vanilla server, but with a 8kx8k custom terrain to make gameplay more interesting. PvP is disabled and griefing other players is against the rules. If someone has griefed your base, please let a member of staff know with /report, so that they can find out who made the changes to your base, roll them back and ban the griefer.

Announcement 2 New TNT Wars Maps
over 2 years ago
KraftMC and NinjaOnion built 2 new maps for us:

"Snowy Village"


They are live on the servers.
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